South Kivu: UN calls for a surge of solidarity in favor of more than 10,000 internally displaced persons from Bijombo and Mikenge

The humanitarian situation hangs by a thread for the displaced people of Bijombo and Mikenge in South Kivu province, DRC. This bitter observation was made by the United Nations Mission in Congo, Monusco.

Its South Kivu Maniema office manager, during a press briefing held on Wednesday 04 November 2020 in Bukavu, painted a grim but realistic picture of the current situation in Bijombo and Mikenge.

If Karna Soro is to be believed, the living conditions of these populations are extremely difficult. The surroundings of the Bijombo base are full of more than 7,000 to 8,000 people, including more than 4,000 children. Around Mikenge, there are around 3,000 people without humanitarian assistance.

This is why Karna Soro, the head of office of MONUSCO Sud-Kivu et Maniema is sounding the alarm by calling for a surge of solidarity in favor of these internally displaced persons to avoid the worst.

“… I would really like to ask here all the provincial, local and regional authorities to mobilize to bring a breath of fresh air to this population, that it can return to its fields to be able to live in peace, it is really necessary that all efforts are being made in support of what MONUSCO is already doing. It is necessary so that these populations can resume their normal life. The situation is extremely difficult, all the schools have been burnt down in the area, the health centers have also been set on fire, so all the basic social infrastructures no longer exist, "he insisted.

As a reminder, the camp for internally displaced persons of Mikenge, in the highlands of the Itombwe sector, in the territory of Mwenga in the province of South Kivu, has always borne the brunt of the attacks perpetrated by armed elements identified with the Mai militiamen. Maï which scours the region.


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