Presidential consultations: Here are the proposals of the Congolese diaspora in Nairobi

Initiated by Raïs Félix TCHISEKEDI
Given a chance, the following is what team Patrick BYAMUNGU SEBASHI LOSTE can present to the office of the president.

We are moving slowly but surely towards the end of the consultations initiated by the Head of State. Are we at the end of the tunnel of a crisis that some qualify as “artificial” between the institutions resulting from the FCC-CACH coalition? The Congolese diaspora in Nairobi, which is following these presidential consultations more closely and fervent readers of, has read the current crisis and proposes to the Head of State to:

1: Dissolve Parliament

2: Organize elections after 90 days

3: Reform the Electoral Commission “CENI”

4: Creat a transparent Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission for DR Congo ie a “TJRC”

5: Get the Government to lobby for a UN or AU job for our ex-president Joseph Kabila.

6: Creat an anti-corruption commission.

7: Create a workable national youth service and through consensus free Mr Vital Kamerhe.

8: After 2021, start giving a 30$ monthly token to all our senior citizens who are 65years + and free distribution of sanitary towels to all our girls in state schools; this is for their dignity and avoid the many beggers in our town.

9: Constitutional Amendment: Constitutional-making is a process. It is about getting all of us together and improving what we have for the good of our people, hence I propose the following:

  • Build consensus for what can be amended in our constitution.
  • That Governors be directly elected by the people or nominated by the President and approved by Congress.
  • That we have Women Representatives in our 26 counties by formulating a piece of legislation which will create special elective seats for women in both the National Assembly and at the counties.
  • Gender Equality: Overhaul of all our institutions and give employment opportunities to our qualified women.
  • Amendment in the structure of our executive arm of Government after 2023.
  • Tax Reform: Especially taxes that touch small and medium enterprises, must be reviewed in order to boost employment to our unemployed youth.
  • Zero tax of certain products and businesses run by vulnerable groups in our society.

10: Amend our immigration law: There are many things to be done here. The urgent ones are:

  • Any foreigner willing to invest 500,000$ in DRC to be given a perment residence and after 5 years nationality if he/she wants it.
  • Registration of all immigrants by the government as well as by the UNHCR.

Thank you and God bless you.

Patrick BYAMUNGU in Nairobi

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