On the front page of Congolese newspapers: national consultations, tsunami in sight!

The 4th day of the Presidential Consultations began with the Board of Directors of Universities and Higher Institutes represented by Bishop Tharcisse Tshibbangu Tshishiku.

According to Forum des As, accompanied by the Rector of the University of Lubumbashi (Unilu) Prof Gilbert KISHIBA, Bishop Tharcisse Tshibbangu gave a memo to the Head of State Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo in which he expresses the need for the national community to support the consultations initiated by the Head of State. Regarding the Sacred Union for the Nation, the President of the CAU considers that it is necessary in order to strengthen the regular and harmonious functioning of the institutions.

Received in the second place, the national deputies members of the parliamentary group MS-AA2 G7 informed the President of the Republic of their reading of the current political facts.

For them, the reestablishment of security in the east of the country and the reform of the CENI are their main concerns. Regarding the CENI, the national deputies of the social movement and allies want this institution to be depoliticized. Thus, the appointment of its leaders would not depend on political groups.

As for the future of the FCC-CACH coalition, the MS-AA2 G7 parliamentary group believes that the creation of a new parliamentary majority is necessary.

For the tabloid Le Soft International, Fatshi took his red pen This could be unprecedented in the century. If the shattering statements made on a television blog by former minister Willy Mishiki, whose proven reputation is not to have his tongue in his pocket, were to materialize, if the FCC ship, the Common Front for the Congo came capsize by emptying itself of its content or, at the very least, if the FCC had just lost most of its elected officials, we must expect a historic earthquake followed by a tsunami with unpredictable collateral damage . And my colleague to wonder: What did the one who calls himself "Prince Willy Mishiki" say, whose words have always caused a scandal in the country, which has just passed to Afdc-A, the disputed platform of former minister and former candidate for the roost of the lower house of Parliament, Modeste Bahati Lukwebo after having been Lamuka (Moïse Katumbi, Jean-Pierre Bemba, Martin Fayulu, Adolphe Muzitu, etc.) but has a shady prison past in Brussels and Goma after living in the United States of America? To hear it, everything is complete. Everything would be cooked for the Common Front for the Congo, the pro-Kabila platform, at least according to this former Minister of Agriculture of the Kengo Government, until recently Deputy Minister of Energy and Hydraulic Resources of the Samy Government. Badibanga Ntita, created a political party UNANA, National Union of Nationalists. 

According to this man who had joined the RCD-Goma late in the day, from the province of North Kivu, a majority of deputies, 267 in total out of 350 and 67 senators, have already packed their bags at the FCC, formally acknowledges allegiance to the President of the Republic, Head of State, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo. They were allegedly filmed when they took the act of allegiance and the act was given to them by the President of the Republic.

 If we are to believe him, all that remains is to have an informant note that the President of the Republic will appoint the new political map of the National Assembly very soon, elect a new office of the lower house, to appoint a new Prime Minister - the end of the PPRD-FCC Sylvestre Ilunga Ilnukamba, Willy Mishiki is categorical - in order to form a new government team. According to article 78 of the Constitution of the Republic, "the President of the Republic appoints the Prime Minister from within the parliamentary majority after consulting it (...). If such a majority does not exist, the President of the Republic entrusts an information mission to a personality in order to identify a coalition ". To observe the very recent developments in relations between the Palais de la Nation and the Hôtel du Conseil, the suspension of meetings of the Council of Ministers, the exclusion of the Prime Minister, however present, from the family photo taken at the 5th ordinary session reserved to the senior and general officers of CHESD, the College of Higher Strategic and Defense Studies, the refusal on this occasion of the President of the Republic to make him a sign of recognition - greeting Covid-19 mode - we can indeed conclude everything.

 Meanwhile, Le Potentiel adds, Moïse Katumbi announces his arrival in Kinshasa this Friday, November 06, 2020 to participate in the consultations initiated by the Head of State Félix Tshisekedi. My colleague continues to the line, the president of Ensemble for the Republic will tread, for the first time since his return from exile last May, the soil of the Congolese capital, where his supporters are mobilized to reserve him a welcome in the height of the aura of the sponsor president of Tout Puissant Mazembe, honorary governor of the former province of Katanga and a leader of the presidium of LAMUKA. In a one minute 56 second video posted on the web, Moïse Katumbi himself announces his visit to Kinshasa, capital of the Republic and seat of national and international institutions. Among other reasons, he says, to thank the Kinshasa people, because without their involvement, there would be no elections in December 20. 

A selection from the editorial staff of L’Essentiel   

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