On the front page of Congolese newspapers : Félix Tshisekedi begins national consultations today!

Let’s open this national press review by the web journal lessentielrdc.info which has its front page: National consultations: decisive week for President Félix Tshisekedi. According to my colleague, this Monday, November 02, 2020, President Félix Tshisekedi begins national consultations with all the political and social forces of the country, eagerly awaited since last week.

These consultations are supported by politicians and members of civil society. This is the case of Samy Badibanga who welcomes a noble and deeply political approach.

A decisive week for President Félix Tshisekedi who will listen to each other in order to unite efforts around the Sacred Union of the Nation, USN, which he calls for.

The order of reception of different groups, associations, corporations and invited personalities will be according to the invitations sent to them.

The Head of State, it is recalled, had during his last speech to the Nation, drawn up the list of differences within the coalition Front Commun pour le Congo (FCC) and Cap pour le Change (CACH) in be able, before expressing its will to initiate a series of contacts with the various most representative political and social leaders, in order to collect their opinions in order to create a “Sacred Union”.

Hence this invitation from Samy Badibanga to the Congolese to republican behavior, writes the Forum des As newspaper.

Beyond the differences that have arisen in the very apprehension of this initiative by Félix Tshisekedi, the First Vice-President of the Senate, Samy Badibanga, maintains that the best interests of the greatest number must prevail over anything similar one too many chapel disputes. Thus, during a meeting last week with a bunch of journalists in Kinshasa, this political actor, Honorary Prime Minister, declared his full support for this initiative by Félix Tshisekedi, highlighting the national stake of these consultations, Samy Badibanga has not used any euphemism likely to disguise reality. Quite the contrary.

“After one year and nine months of his accession to the supreme magistracy of our country, it is proper, more than a duty of any responsible, that President Félix Tshisekedi takes a critical look at his own actions. Here, the aim of the exercise consists of a mid-term evaluation of its management, in accordance with the many legitimate expectations of its fellow citizens ”, maintains the number 2 of the Upper House of Parliament during his meeting with the media. Even launched, Samy explains that the meaning of the Head of State’s commitment is linked to the power and effectiveness of the actions carried out for the people, the ultimate recipient of acts of good governance.

“We must recognize here the signs of a great statesman who refuses any initiative tending to place him on a pedestal or any excessive adulation linked to self-satisfaction and who accepts the results of a cold analysis to possibly defeat the pitfalls encountered in its governance of the country, ”adds Samy.

Prosperity to increase, Samy Badibanga welcomes a noble and deeply political approach. If we are to believe the newspaper of Mont Fleury in Kinshasa, He is one of the heavyweights of the planet Tshisekedi, one of the muses of the presidential camp. First Vice-President of the Senate and former Prime Minister, Samy Badibanga Ntita is the best-placed person in the institutions after the CACH after the head of state himself.

In other words, the full scope of his interventions when he decides to deliver his word – a word known for its rarity. At the end of last week, it was around a panel of handpicked journalists that he delivered himself to the press. Subject: the consultations initiated by the President of the Republic.

In addition to providing a political analysis in a multidisciplinary field, and an institutionalist approach mainly examining the current political situation in relation to the functioning of institutions, it provides significant and unequivocal support to the President of the Republic, in explaining their merits in the current political situation.

Faced with the crisis and the diktat of the FCC,
Modeste Mutinga supports the idea of ​​a 2nd Sovereign National Conference, headlines the Le Potentiel newspaper.

For the newspaper on Avenue Bas-Congo in Kinshasa, the situation in the DRC is serious. The country is blocked at all levels. The people find themselves plunged into a quagmire. To top it off, in this cacophony, the FCC ally is blackmailing the President of the Republic.

In this regard, writes Le Potentiel, the CNS 2020 is able to bend the obscure ardor of the caciques of the political family of former President Joseph Kabila. In doing so, any other solution considered to thwart the FCC's blackmail would have no effect, including the consultations announced by the head of state. Mutinga faith.  

But the crisis being deeply political, it can only be resolved by a highly political body. To do this, the head of state needs to imagine an appropriate framework to resolve this equation with many unknowns and put an end to all the miseries imposed on him by his nihilist partners. 

This is how the President of the Party for Democracy and Good Governance (PDG), Modeste Mutinga proposes the convening of a second Sovereign National Conference (CNS); the only executive who can denounce the evil aloud, identify its perpetrators, put the previous regime on trial, take decisions and make them enforceable and enforceable against all.

Indeed, for some time, more to be precise, since the appointment of three new judges to the Constitutional Court and their recent swearing-in under conditions that we know (boycotted by members of the FCC), Félix Tshisekedi lives in his flesh a disconcerting anxiety: should we continue with the same or change the tune? No sane mind ever needed a sketch to decipher the contents of the head of state's latest address to the nation. By openly announcing the upcoming holding of consultations with the political and social leaders of the DRC to finally create a “sacred union”, Félix Tshisekedi is in the process of divorce with the FCC. But this intention to "break" with the "co-management agreement" signed with his FCC allies will not go like a knife in butter. 

Faced with the impossibility of advancing alone or of sheltering, willy-nilly, under a roof that oozes on all sides, Modeste Mutinga believes that the President of the Republic has choices to make. First, from a legal point of view, it is difficult for him to change deputies while they are in office. Second, succeeding in poaching more than 100 national deputies to win a parliamentary majority would be a historic achievement in the Congolese political annals. 

For this dirty work he needs enormous sums of money which he does not have, unless he draws elsewhere. But where ?
 Finally, constitutionally, again the task is not at all easy, so much so that the articles of the Constitution have blocked and complicated the procedure for dissolving Parliament. Stumbled upon this triple obstacle, all that remains is the possibility of forming a “sacred Union” in his image. 

"Here again, we must count on the unanimity of the leaders of an opposition that is sometimes fractured internally," warns the former Senate rapporteur. According to him, if with the other Jean-Pierre Bemba, Moïse Katumbi or the UNC of Vital Kamerhe ... things can go so quickly, it is not obvious with Martin Fayulu and Adolphe Muzito who appear in an intransigence to break the breath. 

But on this question of Sacred Union for the Republic, there is much more than these: the FCC does not want it. Not only that he refuses to embark on an adventure of which they do not master the contours, the finery or even the cogs, the executives of Joseph Kabila's political family are threatening! They are screaming to whoever wants to hear them that there is indeed an agreement they have signed together that Tshisekedi cannot afford to violate like a dead leaf. 

 A selection from the editorial staff of L'Essentiel   

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