Lubero: an armed group installs a parallel administration in the village Kazaroho village

The Kazaroho village in the Bapere sector in the Lubero territory in North Kivu in the DRC, is under the control of the Mayi-Mayi armed group called the National Lumumbist Resistance, RNL. According to several cross-checked information, these militiamen occupy this part of the province to exploit minerals there.

The self-proclaimed general Mille Tours par Seconde, leader of this armed group, has dismissed all state services, even mining operators. Fearing for their safety, the latter took refuge in a neighboring village on the border with the territory of Mambasa, in Ituri.

Several voices are raised to denounce this armed group resistant to peace which is illustrated on a daily basis by kidnappings, thefts, looting, rapes and other abuses using unheard-of violence against the civilian population.


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